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One word: spectacular!

5.0 rating
1 March 2020

Miniature pinball machine made to measure for your smartphone, with the possibility to customize the graphics of the cabinet, the backglass and the gaming table. Finished in every detail, it has inside a bluetooth controller to connect with your smartphone to manage the virtual pinball controls of all downloadable pinball apps (ball throw and side paddles). The battery lasts a long time and to charge it, simply connect the micro USB cable included in the package to a USB port (computer or simple mobile phone charger). You can also request the integration of a wireless charger to charge your smartphone during matches (if your smartphone is enabled for wireless charging). Personally, I also activated the gyroscope function in the Zen Pinball app which made the taps on the cabinet very realistic (by lightly tapping the mini pinball you get the tap effect in the app). Moreover, the seller/craftsman who made it is very helpful and reliable. I am very pleased with this spectacular miniature pinball machine for smartphones!


Mini Virtual Pinball PERFECTO!!!!

5.0 rating
29 January 2020

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am sorry because I have a mini virtual pinball without personalizing it and without minipc that I would like to create my own design of vinyl and I am not very interested in the theme, and because I have a minipc that I would like to use and I sent it to me whoever I am. Además con la opción de 2 pagos lo cual se agradece. Ahora me toca disfrutar de esta maravilla. Muchísimas gracias.


Superb mini pincab

5.0 rating
27 January 2020

Joli mini pincab, qui se range facilement, aux stickers personnalisables... The quality of the graphismes is there, great fluidity in the nombreuses tables (version la plus puissante)... Pino, le vendeur et fabricant de ce mini cab est sérieux, très disponible, et s'exprimant en français ! Très cordial, professionnel... Emballage qui protège bien, et envoi sérieux... Fabrication de qualité !!! 😁