Virtual Pinball Machine 32 "


From today you can give an account to start the machine and pay when it is ready to be delivered.

The machine is sold assembled, tested and ready for use, the PC is installed with Windows 10 pre-installed and with a regular license.

For the installation of pinball software (Pinball x, future pinball, etc.) the customer must request it, we will install it for free.


Version with 32 monitor "and two Backglass monitors.

The machine is sold assembled, configured and ready for use.

The images of the product are for illustrative purposes, but faithful to the finished product.

The cabinet graphics can be customized by the customer.



Height: 132,5 cm.

Depth: 92,5 cm.

Maximum width: 51 cm.


Main monitor: 32 "full HD

Backglass Monitor: 19 "

DMD Monitor: 10 "


PC with i7 processor

Graphic card:

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

16Gb RAM

HD 1Tb

2.1 audio system with subwoofer

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