10.4″ HDMI LCD 1024×768


  • LCD HDMI working card for LVDS LCD screen interface.
  • Input power adapter: 12 Vdc more than 2 A.
  • Video input: HDMI. Audio input: HDMI. Audio output: Speaker.
  • Compatible with 1024×768 LCD screen.
  • Outline dimensions 219.1 x 173.8 x 6.3 cm (height x width x depth). Display area 210,432×157,824 (HxV).
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Scheda controller LCD:
Scheda LCD HDMI Lavoro per interfaccia LVDS LCD Screen
Adattatore di alimentazione in ingresso: 12 Vdc più di 2 A.
Disponibile in modalità standby quando non segnale di ingresso.
Modello in standby <1W
Ingresso video: HDMI.
Ingresso audio: HDMI.
Uscita audio: altoparlante (4 pin PH2.0).
OSD: Luminosità Contrasto Auto Language e così via
Lingua: inglese, francese, tedesco, spagnolo, italiano e così via
Dimensioni: 74 x 53 x 12 mm.

10.4″ LCD screen LTD104EDZS 1024×768:
IPS display mode, normally black, transmission
Resolution 1024RGB)×768
Outline dimensions 219.1 × 173.8 × 6.3 (H × V × D)
Display area 210,432×157,824 (H×V)
Brightness 245 cd/m2 (Typ.)
Contrast ratio 250:1 (typ.)(TM)
Viewing angle 60/70/70/60 (Typ. )(CR≥10) [Left / Right / Up/Down].
LVDS signal interface (1ch 6bit) 25Pin connector
WLED backlighting
Input voltage 3.3 V (typ.)

Package contents:
1 HDMI Audio LCD Controller Board.
1 LTD104EDZS 1024×768 10.4″ LCD Screen
1 LVDS cable.
1 keyboard with cable.
1 remote control (battery not included).


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