Frequently asked questions and answers

Both things, the video is only for illustrative purposes of the product, now we install a better performing mini pc, also at the time of purchase, you can choose between three different mini pc, even with i5 processor.

We have decided to give more choice to customers who want to install software that requires more power, such as Pinball FX3 that requires at least one i5 processor and a more performing graphics card.

Each Mini Virtual Pinball is built to order, the components (Computer, Monitors, etc.) are ordered for each order, we are small artisans yet we do not have the possibility to stock.

We put 10-15 working days to not disappoint the customer, usually times are shorter, depends on the orders we are working on.

Moreover some payment systems keep the money for 7-10 working days, below the times based on the payment chosen:


  • stripe - 15 Working days
  • Amazon Pay - 10 / 15 Working Days
  • SumUp - 10 Working days
  • Paypal - 25 / 30 Working days
  • Bank transfer - 10 / 15 Working days

Assistance includes:

Hardware (Requires shipment of the machine)

Software (Windows) remotely

It does not include:

Support for third-party software (Future Pinball, Pinball X, etc.) for these software is recommended to subscribe to various forums on the web

Most of the tables, those well done, are very realistic, of course it can happen to install some tables that are not optimized so they can be a little "snappy", unfortunately does not depend on us.

For reasons not dependent on us, we can not provide the machine with the software and tables, the machine includes the PC with windows 10 and regular license, at the customer's request we can install the software and about 180 tables already configured for free (Thanks to our friend and customer Samuel who did an amazing job) and ready to play, you can download the list by clicking on the link below

Of course, you can choose from our graphics or send us your favorite, we will adapt to it, customization is included in the price.

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