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Model Mini Pinball

Model of Mini Pinball crafts

Available in static version and version with Bluetooth controller with three programmable keys and wireless chargers.


  • plywood
  • Aluminum (legs)
  • Profiles abs

The active version includes:

  • wireless Charger
  • Bluetooth Controller
  • active buttons


X x 19.2 26 11 cm.

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Campaign upgrade to the new model

For all customers who bought the machine from us, from today you can upgrade to the new model that has new implementations, better aesthetics and you can customize it with your favorite graphics.

The offer is also valid for those who bought our car on Ebay or Etsy.

To request an upgrade make the down payment, when the car arrives from us you can pay the balance.

For those interested can apply directly on our website on this link:

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Custom graphics for our Mini Virtual Pinball

From today you can order our graphics to customize your Mini Virtual Pinball purchased from us.

It can be downloaded directly from our site and have it printed where you prefer or you can have it already printed with free shipping all over the world.

The graphics are dedicated to those who have already purchased the Mini Virtual Pinball and want to customize it, for those who buy the machine, the personalization remains free.